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Val Sannais (Howling Art)

Valentina “Val” Sannais (1994, Cagliari) is an illustrator and comic artist recently back in Italy after 5 years spent in London.

 Her body of work include illustrations and several book jackets including the novel series “Contos” written by Letizia Loi and published by Lettereletriche and “The Bedazzlers” by Martina Fetzer.

In the comic books field her first published book “Knockout” was printed back in 2016 under the creative collaboration SkyWolf; other titles include “Starfall” written by Adam Blackhat and “Il Portale dell’Infinito” written by Salvatore Cuna and published by Astromica.

Val is currently dedicating her time to personal work, studying and taking care of her demon pup, Maki 🐶