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[ C O N T O S ] By L.Loi, Book 4 - "B o n a D e a "

[ CONTOS ] - B o n a D e a (Back Cover)

For the series "Contos" by @letizia__loi 🐚

These stories are set in Sardegna and tell tales originated from our folklore tales, transformed in a horror/fantasy narration.
I'm very happy and proud to be part of this project to get to know more about my island 💙

The books have each three illustrations as well, the Mother Goddess here portrayed was visually inspired to Antonio Corradini's sculptures and the fabulous writing of the author~

"Bona Dea" is available at @letterelettrichesrl
(🇮🇹 only)


The previous novels also illustrated by me are available through their site, check em out~


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